Award: renewed world champion in the implantation of trifocal lenses

Award: renewed world champion in the implantation of trifocal lenses

EuroEyes has been awarded as the world champion in the implantation of trifocal lenses

For the fourth year in a row, EuroEyes has implanted the most trifocal lenses worldwide. In addition, Dr. Jørn Jørgensen, founder and CEO of EuroEyes, was honoured as the leading physician in trifocal lens implantation.

Dr. Jørn Jørgensen has successfully performed numerous eye surgeries, making him one of the most experienced ophthalmologists in the world. The EuroEyes founder and CEO has over 30 years of experience in eye surgery and is a pioneer in the field of refractive surgery and cataract surgery in Germany, Denmark and China.


Maximilian Foerst, President and CEO of Carl Zeiss Shanghai, presents the Zeiss Certificate to Dr. Jørn Jørgensen


Dr. Jørn Jørgensen and Maximilian Foerst in conversation with the Chinese press

More than 50,000 trifocal lens operations performed

Maximilian Foerst, President and CEO of Carl Zeiss Shanghai, presented the coveted award to Dr. Jørn Jørgensen on Thursday, 21 June 2018 at the EuroEyes clinic Shanghai in the presence of the Chinese press. A special honour, as the annual award is only given to one eye clinic worldwide. With the successful execution of numerous eye operations worldwide and more than 50,000 trifocal lens operations, EuroEyes demonstrates its expertise in the field of trifocal lens implantation.


Maximilian Foerst

Dr. Jørn Jørgensen on trifocal lenses: “It is a mature technology that has been clinically proven in Europe and can solve the problem of presbyopia. We believe that the femtosecond laser in combination with trifocal lens surgery will finally enable people to see better”.

Trifocal lenses, the latest generation of multifocal lenses, are sophisticated artificial lenses. In contrast to multifocal lenses, trifocal lenses have a focal point in the intermediate region in addition to the focal point in the distance and near. The intermediate area is the area of vision that is used for computer work and is frequently used in everyday life – whether for recognizing small print, reading from the mobile phone screen or reading newspapers. The use of trifocal lenses makes it possible to see at different distances without glasses.

The use of trifocal lenses is a first-class method of correcting presbyopia and can also correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

EuroEyes is involved in China and supports international aid organisations

The fact that EuroEyes is always at the cutting edge of technology is again evident this year. In 2017, the largest laser eye surgery clinic group in Germany, LASIK and lens surgery once again performed the largest number of trifocal lens implantations worldwide. EuroEyes does not only operate in Germany, Denmark and China – the Eye Clinic is active worldwide and assumes social responsibility.

For many years, Dr. Jørn Jørgensen and the EuroEyes team have been working with international aid organisations to implement and support humanitarian aid projects. This year the EuroEyes team made the long journey from Europe to Gannan in order to give the local Chinese the opportunity to live a pain-free life and to alleviate the visual problems caused by cataracts.

Under the direction of Dr. Jørn Jørgensen, Dr. Jannik Boberg-Ans, head of the EuroEyes Eye Center in Copenhagen, and Dr. Bidya, senior cataract expert in Nepal and a long-time member of the EuroEyes International Charity Team, operated 192 cataract patients in a total. Here you will find further impressions and information.

Click here to watch the exclusive video of the trip to Gannan.


Charity: The local medical team together with the EuroEyes visit to Gannan, China

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