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Welcome to the EuroEyes Laser Center Beijing

The EuroEyes eye laser clinic in Beijing was the second eye laser center of EuroEyes in China.

For 25 years since its establishment in Europe, EuroEyes has been working at the highest technical standard.
During the period, under the direction of founder and medical director Dr. Jørn Jørgensen, more than 400,000 eye surgeries have been carried out. To ensure the highest level of operational quality and experience, most procedures are carried out by so-called high-volume surgeons who independently perform at least 1,000 surgeries each year. With this experience and expertise the EuroEyes medical team are among the leaders in their field in Germany, even in Europe. 

EuroEyes team is now ready to service you in Beijing, we do not only wish to correct your vision disorder, we wish to improve your overall quality of vision. Would you like to know which procedure (LASIK or Lens treatment) could be right for you in order to correct your vision disorder? Then make an appointment for a free consultation NOW. Our team in Beijing is looking forward to meeting you!

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Trust EuroEyes and Benefit From Our Expertise:

  • Long-term experience: more than 400.000 surgeries over the past 25 years
  • Most LASIK-TÜV-SÜD certified eye clinics
  • 2011: first in Germany to use the ReLEx SMILE Technology
  • Knowledge and experience of our doctors

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Our range of services

At the Laser Eye Center in the heart of Beijing, EuroEyes offers the entire range of surgical correction of vision disorders. EuroEyes has one goal: to allow you to live a life without glasses. To meet this goal, the clinical group covers the entire spectrum of refractive surgery from laser eye treatments to the lens treatments . This enables the correction of nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia, cataract andkeratoconus.

Dr. Jørn S. Jørgensen

Dr. Jørn S. Jørgensen Focus Top Mediziner 2016

Founder and CEO of EuroEyes Clinical Group


EuroEyes® Eye Center Beijing

319 Unit
3rd floor
Financial Street shopping center
Xicheng District

Phone number:
+86 400-7207-999

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