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EuroEyes held a board meeting on Wednesday, 25 March 2020 for the purpose of reviewing the annual results of the Company and it‘s subsidiaries for the year 2019. The rise of the revenue of EuroEyes by 14% and the launch of new clinics and services in 2020 to boost future growth are just a few highlights.


Corona virus – how to protect your eyes

Novel coronavirus came fiercely and spread rapidly. It can be transmitted through the respiratory tract, so we need to wear masks for protection. However, it was confirmed that the novel coronavirus could also be transmitted through the conjunctiva and further conjunctivitis as the first symptom, causing public anxiety and panic.


Some eye diseases must be treated urgently – don’t avoid the clinic

At the period of the epidemic of COVID-19 virus infection the hospital has become a place that most people try to avoid visiting. However, during this epidemic outbreak, it is necessary to know the common sign of the diseases that need to be treated urgently. Patients with the following diseases require medical attention as soon as possible.


Display Terminal syndrome

In daily life people’s work and leisure are increasingly dependent on electronic devices, including computers, mobile phones, TV and internet games. Students have “online courses” and most office workers work also at home, and the time spent staring at the screen increased greatly every day during the epidemic.


Diabetes – damage to the retina of the eye

Diabetes mellitus, also called diabetes, has many effects on the body – including your eyes. Diabetes can damage the retina in the eye. Often, the changes are not noticed initially, but this can lead to slight visual problems or even blindness in the course of the process.


FAQ‘s from our patients: Covid-19

As a first precautionary measure, our patients are asked BEFORE they visit:Have you been to coronavirus risk areas in the past 14 days?Have you had contact with a corona infected person in the past 14 days?Do you currently feel sick or do you show symptoms of illness?


Do your goggles really work?

Beside the carefully identifying the types of “masks”, it is also very important for us to protect our eyes. In a few cases, aerosol transmission and conjunctiva may also be the route of transmission. Therefore, in public places, some people are fully armed, by wearing masks, a varies of frame glasses, professional goggles and even swimming goggles, all kinds of eye protection equipments are having their debuts.


How to keep your glasses or goggles from fogging

The novel coronavirus has recently swept the globe. The coronavirus is characterized with transmissibility, including droplet transmission, aerosol transmission, as well as the transmission of tears and conjunctiva. So we should pay more attention to safety and take proper self-protection measures.


How to wear and care contact lenses during the epidemic

The safe manner of wearing contact lenses has always been a hot topic to myopia patients. Because contact lenses are directly contact with our ocular surface, if you are not careful enough, it may cause surface damage, infection and pain. In severe cases they may even damage your sight.



During the cold winter months, children and teenagers spend more time in front of the television, computer and cell phone, which increases the strain on the eyes. Therefore, adolescents and the parents of children should pay attention to certain things, especially during this time, to prevent myopia.


How to prepare for myopic treatment while the new coronavirus is threatening

In order to stop the further transmission of the new coronavirus and for better support the epidemic prevention and control, people are advised to stay home in China. EuroEyes eye clinics in China actively responded to the health departments’ regulations, suspended clinics’ patient consultations to reduce the risk of cross-infection caused by the gathering of people.


UV disinfecting against SARS-CoV-2? When “protection” can hurt you

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. A sudden outbreak of pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, launched a rapid offense to people all across China. In such a critical time, there are not only healthcare professionals on the frontline, but also the general public at home. Many of them use every protection one may imagine.


EuroEyes China outpatient precaution and prevention during COVID-19 outbreak

The Spring Festival in 2020 is an unforgettable holiday for all the Chinese people. The outbreak prevention and control of new coronavirus is during a critical period at the time. The world is very concerned about the development of the epidemic and work together to fight the virus. EuroEyes ophthalmologists are actively involved in the fight against the epidemic.


New technology at EuroEyes

On 29 January 2020, EuroEyes introduced a new, revolutionary technology: the first digital microscope, ZEISS ARTEVO 800. It is equipped with the new DigitalOptics and enables optimal digital visualisation during ophthalmological procedures.