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Here is an overview of the costs of our treatments. Please notice that the specified LASIK costs and other medical expenses are reference values. The exact cost of laser eye surgery and lenses can be determined only after a detailed examination.

Invest in a New Outlook of Life

From the individual consultation, the preliminary examination, and the treatment to the medical aftercare, all services are included in the price. EuroEyes regularly invests in the latest tested advanced preliminary examination and surgical technologies. This allows us to offer patients the most advanced treatments and customized solutions. The procedures are as a rule performed by highly specialized surgeons who independently perform at least 1,000 surgeries per year. Even the choice of our cooperation partners is made very carefully. We only work with the best manufacturers in the ophthalmic market. The ISO 9001:2015 Certificate confirm our high service and quality standards.   With a treatment at EuroEyes you invest in competence, quality, precision and safety.

All Costs at a Glance

During the consultation and the preliminary examination we will accurately evaluate which laser treatment or surgical lens treatment is best suited for you, based on your results, and inform you which LASIK costs or Lens treatment costs you can expect.

Costs Laser Eye Treatment Price
ReLEx smile Treatmentstarting from approx. 2.400,- € / per Eye *
Laser Eye Treatmentstarting from approx. 1.950,- € / per Eye*

Costs Lens SurgeryPrice
starting from approx. 2.900,- € / per Eye*
Multifocal/Trifocal Lensesstarting from approx. 2.850,- € / per Eye*
Monofocal Lensesstarting from approx. 2.700,- € / per Eye*

*the Lens Surgery or LASIK costs depend on your vision disorder, the thickness of your cornea and the chosen Laser Technology (Femtosecond Laser, Wavefront Technology) or what kind of lens you had implanted.

ReLEx smile

Teaser_ReLEx_smile Laser eye surgery without flap!

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What Does the Health Insurance Pay?

Generally, statutory health insurance companies do not cover the cost of treatment for LASIK or lens surgery, unlike private health insurance companies. They will decide on an individual basis, whether they pay the treatment costs wholly or partially. But as a rule you can pay for a lens or LASIK treatment as an extraordinary burden after § 33 Income Tax Act. Deduct tax: According to a decision the regional finance office Koblenz on 22.06.2006 (Code S 2284 A) a laser eye surgery is always based on a vision disorder and thus a disease. The operation is a scientifically recognized treatment for vision disorder which is also recognized without submission of an official medical certificate as an extraordinary burden after § 33 Income Tax Act.  

Frequently Asked Questions about Costs

EuroEyes is working with the MediPay Financing bank. Even with a greater number of monthly installments, we offer attractive conditions and interest rates. What many people usually do not realize is the fact that the cumulative cost of glasses and / or contact lenses are paid off over a very long period of time–and the price therefore ends up being considerably higher than the non-recurring cost of a laser eye treatment. The surgery pays off completely – and in many cases after a relatively short amount of time.
The costs of a treatment are fully or partially covered by some private health insurance companies. It is best if you contact your health insurance directly, to find out more about this. Generally, the statutory health insurance unfortunately does not cover the cost of laser eye surgery.
The Laser Eye Treatment costs between approx. 1.950,- € / per eye* and approx. 2.450,- € / per eye*

*The price depends on your refractive error, your corneal thickness, and the applied laser technology (e.g. the femtosecond laser technology, wavefront technology).
The ReLEx smile Treatment costs approx. 2.400,- € / per eye*

*The price depends on your refractive error, your corneal thickness, and the applied laser technology (e.g. the femtosecond laser technology, wavefront technology).