EuroEyes is pleased to announce that Founder and CEO, Dr. Jørn S. Jørgensen, was elected as a member of the International Intra-Ocular Implant Club (IIIC) during the annual meeting of the IIIC on October 4, 2020.

Countless patients saved from blindness thanks to the implantation of intraocular lenses.

The International Intra-Ocular Implant Club (IIIC) was founded in 1966 by Sir Harold Ridley in London. Dr. Ridley was the first to successfully implant an artificial lens in the human eye in 1950. His brilliant ideas were not appreciated by his colleagues for many years, but Dr. Ridley was not deterred and saw the enormous success of the process he had developed. In 2000 he was knighted by the Queen of England. Today, intraocular lens implantation is the most common surgical procedure performed worldwide and has saved countless patients from going blind.

The International Intra-Ocular Implant Club

Sir Ridley founded the International Intra-Ocular Implant Club to promote research and collaboration in the field of intraocular lens implantation worldwide, support the free and unhindered global exchange of ideas regarding intraocular lens implantation, provide an international forum for understanding to advance intraocular lens implantation, to promote intraocular lens implantation surgery and the standardization of quality and availability worldwide, to increase awareness of implantology among medical service providers and the public worldwide, and to support and advise the relevant national societies in their development.

Membership in the International Intra-Ocular Implant Club is limited to a total of 250 active members worldwide. EuroEyes is proud to announce that Dr. Jørn Jørgensen was elected as an active member.


EuroEyes founder Dr. Jørn Jørgensen can now call himself a member of the IIIC

Dr. Jørgensen is a true pioneer in cataract surgery and refractive lens surgery. He introduced large scale outpatient cataract surgery in Hamburg, Germany as early as 1990. He is also a pioneer in LASIK surgery, starting LASIK in 1993 long before it became mainstream surgery. He was one of the first to introduce multifocal IOLs as a routine treatment for presbyopia and has implanted the largest number of Zeiss trifocal IOLs worldwide for many years. Dr. Jørgensen was also a very early adapter of the Visian ICL, an intraocular lens that corrects high myopia. Dr. Jørgensen founded EuroEyes in 1993. The company has been growing ever since. EuroEyes went public in Hong Kong in October 2019 and currently operates 27 laser eye centers worldwide (15 in Germany, 7 in China and 5 in Denmark).


About EuroEyes

EuroEyes, the largest independent clinic group for eye surgery in Germany, has been offering the entire spectrum of refractive surgery for the correction of ametropia since 1993. Dr. Jørn S. Jørgensen , the founder, the owner and medical director of EuroEyes, is one of the most sought-after German eye specialists. By using the most modern eye laser and lens procedures , EuroEyes enables patients to start a life free of glasses and contact lenses. EuroEyes is a leader in the use of the innovative and gentle ReLEx smile method for laser eye surgery and is world champion in the implantation of multifocal lenses to correct presbyopia.

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