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EuroEyes initiates strategic cooperation with East Lake Digital Town and enters into Fuzhou Market

EuroEyes International Eye Clinic Limited today held a signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation with Fuzhou East Lake Digital Town, marking its official presence in the China’s Fuzhou market.

EuroEyes Fuzhou Clinic is the Company’s eighth clinic in China after Shanghai, Beijing (East and West), Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, and Chongqing. EuroEyes Fuzhou Clinic is located on the third floor of FFC Fuzhou Future Center in East Lake Digital Town of Binhai New City, with an area of 800 square meters and an investment of over RMB10 million. The clinic is expected to commence its operation in October 2020, which is also committed to providing the high- quality German ophthalmology services for Binhai New City and the entire Fuzhou.

The East Lake Digital Town, where EuroEyes opens its Fuzhou Clinic, is the new economic and industrial base of the central business district that the city has been deliberately developing. As of now, the East Lake Digital Town has attracted nearly 20,000 well-known Chinese and foreign digital enterprises in the high-tech field, including Microsoft, Starbucks, Alibaba, Tencent, and Huawei to set up their footprints in the area, forming a high-end business circle.

EuroEyes is a giant in the ophthalmic medical industry, with a strong team of professional ophthalmologists, advanced diagnostic equipment, and international high-quality ophthalmic diagnostic services. With the opening of EuroEyes Fuzhou Clinic in the town, it will benefit patients with various refractive diseases in Fuzhou Binhai New City and even the whole Fuzhou to enjoy high-quality ophthalmology services and to resume their clear vision for higher quality of life.

Dr. Jørn Slot Jørgensen, the Founder, Chairman of the board and CEO of EuroEyes said „EuroEyes is very honored to be in East Lake Digital Town, bringing German ophthalmology technology and quality services to the people in the town and nearby districts. The East Lake Digital Town is the innovative center of China’s digital economy while EuroEyes has also been committed to innovation in the field of refractive technology. Through the cooperation with the management of the town, I sincerely look forward to improving medical technology and quality in the region, as well as create the momentum to the future development of the town”.

EuroEyes Fuzhou Clinic is another strategic development following EuroEyes’ successful listing on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange , showing its strategic determination to enter the China market and its high recognition of the sustainable development of the Fuzhou market. With the signing ceremony of Fuzhou Clinic successfully held, EuroEyes will utilize its unique advantages of „German doctors and German quality” to provide patients in Fuzhou and the surrounding cities with high-quality ophthalmology services and strive to improve the eye health-care level and quality of life of residents in China.

About EuroEyes

The EuroEyes Clinic Group is a globally successful company that was founded 26 years ago in Hamburg and has its headquarters there until today. In addition to locations throughout Germany, EuroEyes is also represented in China and Denmark. The company offers patients the full range of refractive surgery for the correction of visual disorders. Using state-of-the-art eye laser and lens surgery procedures, EuroEyes treats more than 25,000 patients each year with nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia or cataract. The treatment enables the start of a life free of glasses and contact lenses without any impairment of visual quality.

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