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Greetings from EuroEyes Denmark

EuroEyes Denmark is located in Scandinavia directly north of Germany. Denmark has a population of roughly 6 million people – about the same size as the Hamburg region. What’s special about Denmark is the fact that EuroEyes Denmark has a close collaboration with a leading private hospital, Aleris-Hamlet, since the inception in 1993. EuroEyes functions as the refractive surgery centre of Aleris-Hamlet.

The treatments that EuroEyes Denmark offers are a viable alternative to glasses and contact lenses. EuroEyes Denmark currently has about 20 employees, including two surgeons, Jannik Boberg-Ans and Martin Severinsen. They perform surgery in 3 locations: Aarhus, Aalborg and Copenhagen (Søborg). Initial consultations take place in two more towns, Herning and Esbjerg. Most locations are set up with Aleris-Hamlet.

Despite being a small country, Denmark contributes with roughly 10% of all surgeries/treatments in EuroEyes. EuroEyes Denmark is looking forward to new challenges in the coming year.

About EuroEyes

The EuroEyes Clinic Group is a globally successful company that was founded 26 years ago in Hamburg and has its headquarters there until today. In addition to locations throughout Germany, EuroEyes is also represented in China and Denmark. The company offers patients the full range of refractive surgery for the correction of visual disorders. Using state-of-the-art eye laser and lens surgery procedures, EuroEyes treats more than 25,000 patients each year with nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia or cataract. The treatment enables the start of a life free of glasses and contact lenses without any impairment of visual quality.

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