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This annual meeting of the “EuroEyes International Medical Advisory Board”, EuroEyes IMAB, took place on September 12, 2020 at the headquarters of EuroEyes Clinic Group in Hamburg.

The EuroEyes IMAB comprises a group of internationally renowned ophthalmologists and opinion leaders in the field of refractive surgery. The committee advises the EuroEyes management team on the latest scientific findings and their deductions for specific initiatives and further developments.

In addition to Dr. Jørgensen, Prof. Dr. Knorz, Prof. Dr. Neuhann and PD Dr. Lerche, also Prof. Dr. Dick and Prof. Yao belong to EuroEyes IMAB, who are also internationally renowned ophthalmologists and specialists in the field of vision correction.

The topics

Dr. med. Jørn Slot Jørgensen, the founder and managing director, will be providing information about the current strategic developments of EuroEyes clinic group at this annual IMAB meeting.

Furthermore, the focus in joint discussion is on the international outlook as well as on the assessment of the latest medical developments and their use for the benefit of patients of the global EuroEyes clinic group. EuroEyes ensures by this the constant further development and manifests the international position of innovation leadership.

The members

As important opinion leaders at the “EuroEyes International Medical Advisory Board” are Prof. Dr. Neuhann and Prof. Dr. Knorz who are graduates from internationally renowned medical faculties and have contributed to more than 100 scientific publications in the field of vision correction.

Prof. Yao is a Director of the SAHZU Eye Center at Zhejiang University and, as President of the Chinese Society of Ophthalmology, has contributed to over 300 scientific publications.

Prof. Dr. Dick has an excellent reputation among the international ophthalmological community as one of the pioneers in blade-free cataract surgery.

The board members work closely together to advance medical education among EuroEyes employees, promote innovation in technology, and raise the quality and service standards of refractive surgery.

EuroEyes International Medical Advisory Board Members

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