New treatment method for young presbyopia patients: the first ICL (EDOF) will be implanted at EuroEyes in December 2020 in Hamburg


New treatment method at EuroEyes

EuroEyes is proud to announce that it will shortly implant the first ICL EDOF lens for presbyopia (trade name: EVO Viva ICL Lens) from Staar Surgical. The ICL EDOF represents a new treatment option for young myopic people aged 40-50 years (with -1.0 to -18.0 Dpt without astigmatism) who suffer from presbyopia and who complain about reading glasses or progressive glasses.

What is the ICL EDOF lens?

Staar Surgical’s new EDOF ICL (Extended Depth of Focus) lens provides patients with improved visual acuity at near, medium and far distances. Staar Surgical announces that the ICL EDOF lenses have been implanted bilaterally in presbyopic patients and allow for true binocular vision. Both at near, middle and far distances. This can be an attractive solution, especially for young presbyopic patients (age 40 to 50 years). In this group of young myopic presbyopic patients, we often recommend postponing the multifocal lens implantation to 50+.


The usual ICL

Euroeyes has been implanting “normal” ICL lenses since 1997, especially in patients with high myopia. However, these ICL lenses have so far not been able to correct accompanying presbyopic symptoms. “EVO Visian Implantable CollamerLenses” (ICLs) are implanted in the posterior chamber just behind the iris and in front of the anterior capsule of the human lens.

A multicenter, prospective clinical investigation demonstrated the ability of the new EDOF ICL to correct myopia and presbyopia, resulting in an improvement in uncorrected visual acuity near, middle and far without compromising visual quality (Staar Surgical) .

For whom the lens is suitable: the manufacturer’s recommendation

EVO Viva is a new treatment option for potential future considerations of 1.7 billion people worldwide with presbyopia. These are those who may be stressed by reading glasses or frequent replacement contact lenses. Staar Surgical believes that EVO Viva can be an attractive alternative to the options currently available in the market for refractive surgery that requires either corneal tissue removal or the removal of the healthy lens of the eye. According to Staar Surgical, the aspherical (EDOF) ICL lens is indicated for the treatment of myopic phakic eyes (without astigmatism) in patients aged 21 to 60 years or for pseudophakic eyes in patients with monofocal IOL implants (after cataract surgery).


About EuroEyes

The EuroEyes Clinic Group is a globally successful company that was founded over 25 years ago in Hamburg and has its headquarters there to this day. In addition to locations throughout Germany, EuroEyes is also represented in China and Denmark. The clinic offers patients the entire spectrum of refractive surgery for the correction of ametropia. With the most modern eye laser and lens surgery procedures EuroEyes treats over 25,000 patients with myopia or farsightedness , astigmatism , presbyopia or cataracts every year . The interventions enable the start of a life free of glasses and contact lenses without impairment of vision and quality of vision.

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