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EuroEyes: German Champion in ICL Implantation

Dr. Jørn S. Jørgensen, medical director of EuroEyes, implanted the most ICL lenses in Germany in 2017. He was honoured for this record achievement by Ralf Ohlmeier and Hans-Martin Blickensdörfer, both Staar Surgical, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of EuroEyes.

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Smartphones – visual stress for the eyes

Whether smartphone, tablet, navigation device or computer – millions of people look at a screen every day. Over the years, viewing habits have changed – the nationwide representative index “Gute Arbeit 2016” of the German Confederation of Trade Unions reports that 47 percent of 25 to 29-year-olds in Europe are short-sighted. We explain the connection.

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Before the surgical correction of ametropia, patients expect detailed consultation. For this purpose, the German Institute for Service Quality tested four large laser eye companies on behalf of n-tv. Clear test winner: EuroEyes

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The EuroEyes managing director has over 30 years of experience in eye surgery and, with more than 100,000 successfully performed eye operations, is a pioneer in the field of refractive surgery and cataract surgery. Dr. Jørn S. Jørgensen – and thus EuroEyes – succeeded in winning three of the most important titles in 2017.

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Congratulations to Olaf Scholz!

Olaf Scholz, who opened the EuroEyes clinic in Shanghai, was announced German Finance Minister and German Vice-Chancellor. Olaf Scholz and Dr. Jørn Jørgensen, founder and managing director of EuroEyes, have been working together for many years.

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We Want to Open Your Eyes – Charity by EuroEyes

Since many years, Dr. Jørgensen and the EuroEyes-team have been taking the social responsibility and cooperating with international aid organizations on charitable medical-humanitarian projects. The focus is to help blind and visually impaired people by improving medical care in third-world countries or developing countries.

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Eye Laser Clinic „Mystery-Test“: EuroEyes only company awarded "very good"

It has just been announced that the Eye Laser Clinic Group EuroEyes is the only company to be awarded the top evaluation of „very good“ in a service provider test. The clinic group with it´s headquarters in Hamburg, scored top marks in almost all categories, in doing so beating it´s competitors. This survey into the quality of consulting at eye laser clinics was requested by n-tv and has been carried out by the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ).

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European Champion with ICL

Dr Jørgensen has been using 5000 of these special lenses since 1998. He performed the procedures not only in clinics in Europe, from Copenhagen to Munich. Dr. Jørgensen also implanted ICL lenses in Shanghai and Beijing, helping patients with severe nearsightedness to restore good vision.

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