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Your Satisfaction Means Everything for Us

Patients about their LASIK experience Our primary aim is the satisfaction of our patients. In order to be able to ensure this, we perform surveys after each treatment, in which each patient has the opportunity to review our medical procedure, the surgical result and the service. The data collected, based on the experiences of our LASIK patients, will be analyzed in detail and is the foundation of constant improvement – and a guarantee for the highest treatment quality with Euro Eyes.


EuroEyes asked nearsighted patients, who had been through a LASIK treatment, about their satisfaction with the process and the outcome

In total, 1.100 patients were interviewed within a year.  The result: 96,8 % of those questioned stated that they were satisfied with the LASIK treatment and that they had had a positive experience with laser eye treatment.

Based on your latest experience, would you recommend a similiar treatment to your family or friends?

All in all, 99 % would recommend the treatment.

How do you compare your quality of living before and after the treatment?

All in all, 99 % of those polled experience an improvement of their quality of living after the treatment.

These excellent survey results regarding the LASIK experience of patients confirm that EuroEyes’ uncompromising focus on quality and thereby on safety, are successful.
EuroEyes interviewed patients who had received a new lens for correction of their presbyopia, about their satisfaction with the outcome. Out of 1,000, 98% felt very well cared for by EuroEyes and 95% of the patients would in retrospect once again choose a treatment with EuroEyes.

Would you decide again in favor of a treatment from EuroEyes?