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02_Alterssichtigkeit_Sievers_01_0Folke Sievers is a manager at Scandic Hamburg Emporio Hotel. The 49-year old wore contact lenses over a number of years, sometimes up to 20 hours per day. Glasses made him feel uncomfortable, especially in his sporting activities, when he, for example, wanted to go for a run along the embankment of the Alster River in the company of the hotel residents.Some years ago, he began to suffer from increasing farsightedness, forcing him to wear reading glasses as well as varifocals. Also, working at the computer proved to be more and more problematic. The desire to live a life without glasses grew stronger every day, so Folke Sievers decided for the implantation of multifocal lenses. First, his left eye was operated, and the next morning after surgery, when the eye bandage shifted a little, he could clearly see his foot on the far end of his bed. “That was just an incredible feeling!” Sievers says. The hotel manager lives outside the city borders of Hamburg, and the next day, with both eyes operated, he let his gaze travel over the green countryside and saw a cat walking on the lawn, small birds, chirping on the tree and the forest, lying in the distance.“It was a whole new experience for me, being able to see this idyll so clearly and distinctly”, said Mr. Sievers afterwards, sharing his experiences. Friends and colleagues who didn’t know anything about the surgery, told him he did not look as tired as before. “I felt much healthier and fresher, moreover, I did not have to rub my eyes all the time” Mr. Sievers says. After the surgery, he even climbed a volcano in Indonesia, where he could enjoy the beautiful sights. “I was able to see a breathtaking panorama without glasses, it was almost incredible!” Sievers says. His conclusion is as follows: “The decision for this operation was definitely the right decision”.