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Ulrike Meinke is a hairdresser and hair stylist who works in her own Salon in Geesthacht. She suffered from severe shortsightedness (myopia), with emerging presbyopia as well as a slight lens opacity. Sometimes she had to wear both contact lenses and glasses, and sometimes she even had to put one pair of glasses on top of the other in order to be able to see something. “It was awful,” she says today. She always liked swimming, but that became a pain; diving turned out to be impossible, and she had to put on her glasses in the shower cabin in order to find her shampoo. Even driving a car at night turned out to be a serious problem, as it often seemed to her like looking through a tunnel, not being able see what was going on at the side of the road.One of her customers noticed her distress and told her about his multifocal lense surgery performed at EuroEyes. Hearing this, Ulrike Meinke immediately made appointment at EuroEyes. Two weeks later, both of her eyes were operated at the same day, and within a few hours, she was finally able to see well without glasses. “It is only now that I realize that I had actually not seen anything before!” Ulrike Meinke says. “Suddenly I found myself in the world filled with different colors and I was able to see all the details I missed before.” Reading was difficult for her before the surgery, and today she can easily distinguish any fine text, including the small print on the labels of food packing.

“My new vision is simply stunning, my quality of life has improved by 100%,” Meinke says and adds: “Now I see the world with different eyes.” Driving a car is no longer a problem for her, neither is going swimming anymore. Even her professional work benefits: “The hair dresses are a tiny notch better than before”, she adds smiling.