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Sandra Voss gets up early in the morning every day. Then she goes to the radio studio, from which the Klassik Radio programme is broadcasted. Sandra presents her own radio show named «Entspannt in den Tag» (“Relaxed into the Day”). The 46-year-old can rely on her ears absolutely, but her eyes had created a serious problem for her, as presbyopia developed in combination with the existing myopia. “I read a lot and I enjoy reading, but reading became more and more difficult”, she says.“I had to switch from one pair of glasses to another all the time, and each time I could not remember where I had put the other one. That was totally annoying!” When she by chance heard about the possibility of correcting vision disorders using multifocal lenses, she decided for this surgical intervention. “I was terribly nervous, as my circulation likes to play tricks on me in these kind of situation. But everything went off without a hitch. Sister Gudrun stroked my hand and put my mind at ease”. The real wow-effect came in the morning, when she looked at her watch. She was able to clearly see the time on the watch without her glasses. “Then, before writing my first text message after the surgery, I had to change the text size in my cell phone back to small again, because before I had magnified them to be able to read them!” Playing tennis, she noted how great it is to be able to keep each tennis ball in the focus, even jogging and yoga exercises were much more fun for her.Describing her new visual faculty, she says: “It feels like having replaced an old tube television by a new high-tech HD television! I can read the small print on CDs or DVDs now, and I had always wondered before who in the world would be able to make that out…” Most of all, Sandra Voss enjoys the moments immediately after waking up, no longer having to grope for her glasses, but being able to see clearly right after opening her eyes. Since she has talked about her eye-surgery in her radio programme, she has been receiving a great number of questions from her listeners and friends regarding the implantation of the lenses. “At parties, people have been all over me asking me details about the eye surgery. Many of them are just curious, others try to test how well I can see and read now. I have successfully passed each of their tests until now!” The new quality of life has also convinced her husband: now, he also wears multifocal lenses.