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Anja Rudnik is an enthusiastic hair stylist devoted to her profession. The 45-year-old loves to please her customers with a good headdress or a stylish make-up. She wore contact lenses over a number of years, until 2011, when she suddenly developed an allergic reaction. Her eyes could no longer cope with the effect of hair sprays and the steams of hair colours. Going back to the glasses that Anja Rudnik wore when she was a young girl was out of the question. “When I heard about the surgical option of implanting multifocal lenses, I wanted to have this done rather sooner than later”, she says. She was not afraid at all, but her husband was somewhat nervous that something might go wrong during the operation. “However, Dr. Jørgensen dispelled our fears completely. The moment I entered EuroEyes, I felt I was in good hands.”“Once the operation was over, and the bandage was removed from my eyes, I was immediately able to see well, and the next day I could return to work in my hair studio”, Anja Rudnik reports about the operation two years ago. “Before, when in the shower, I went completely blind without glasses, now I can see everything again”. Up until today she is completely happy with her choice, having forgotten what it feels like to have the glasses on her nose and ears all the time. Her multifocal lenses have been a standing fodder for conversation even at her hair studio: “A large number of my customers want to know more about this surgical operation. Of course, I always share my experience with them, because I really enjoy my life without glasses!”