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Petra Schwenneker does not look her age of 61. The dynamic lady has been working for Jungheinrich AG with great enthusiasm as a logistic and sales system consultant for over 30 years. In the previous years, when she went on business trips, she lost orientation in foreign cities without the use of her car navigation system. Moreover, she wasn’t able to make out street signs anymore. Her eye specialist confirmed the urgent need for regular glasses and additionally reading glasses. „Shortly afterwards, I had seven different pairs of glasses, which I stored in seven different places. One pair on the washing machine, one in the bathroom, one was somewhere in the office…” Petra Schwenneker really did not want to live her life in dependence on her glasses, so she consulted her eye specialist once again, and he recommended a laser vision correction. However, he warned her that she would still need reading glasses. That was not an option for Petra Schwennecker, so she looked for other treatment possibilities and consulted Dr. Jørgensen, director of EuroEyes. “He explained the options and told me exactly what would be optimal for me. Immediately I had the feeling that I had come to the right place”. When she learned that with multifocal lenses, she would no longer need any glasses at all, she immediately scheduled her operation.The day after the surgery, when she came back home she was astonished: “I did not even know that the curtains in my house are so white! And in the evening, in the bathroom, I was able to read the small print on the toothpaste tube again. It was an incredible feeling!” she says, beaming with pleasure. “The first few days I actually couldn’t but smile happily and broadly, walking in the streets”. It appeared to be much simpler for Petra Schwenneker to live a life without glasses: when shopping, she was able to distinguish the text on each price tag again and she can even read the lists of ingredients on the product labels. “I can run a thread through the small eyelet of the needle, doing this without any tools and, certainly, without any glasses”, Petra Schwenneker declares proudly. “I used to experience serious problems playing and tinkering with my grandchildren, today I can do that with great joy again”.

Petra Schwenneker found that previously, before the surgery, she didn’t even realize the great number of things she wasn’t able to see anymore. This is actually the case for many patients, suffering from a slowly proceeding gradual loss of vision. That is why their conclusions usually sound like the one of Petra Schwennecker: “Now I can see just like I did 30 years ago. My world is colorful and full of detail again!”