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As a dentist, Dr. Tilman Offenbächer has to be able to see well, most of all in the near distances – after all, he wants to spot every single cavity in his patients’ teeth. This 50-year-old suffered from far-sightedness (hyperopia), and had to wear glasses over a number of years. When being forced to switch varifocals, his vision problems worsened. “In the process of dental treatment, I often look down at my patients’ teeth. That’s a huge problem wearing varifocals, since for me, short and long distance focus are exactly the wrong way around”. Mr. Offenbächer’s consultations with the eye specialists at EuroEyes resulted in his decision for the implantation of multifocal lenses. “The surgical operation took only about 10 minutes and was completely painless. Immediately after the surgery, I experienced the strongest wow-effect”, Dr. Offenbächer says. Most of all, he enjoys the fact that he no longer has to grope for his glasses immediately after awakening, because now he is able to see everything distinctly and at once.“I now have complete vision again, and I am no longer restricted by glasses in my daily work. It gives me much more flexibility treating my patients”, Dr. Offenbächer is convinced. During treatment, patients often ask him what happened to his glasses. “When I answer that I’ll never need glasses anymore, my patients become very curious and want to know all about it”. In his spare time, he enjoys his new life without glasses as well. “Sailing and surfing are even more fun – even in bad weather condtions, which was always difficult with glasses”, Dr. Offenbächer says. “The multifocal lenses have definitely improved the quality of my life!”