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Harald Stelling owns a company for electronical engineering close to Hamburg. The 50-year-old is the founder and managing director, leading a team of nearly 20 professionals. However, office work became increasingly difficult over time: “I had already suffered from far-sightedness (hyperopia) before. After turning 40, my vision problems worsened, so I decided to consult my eye specialist. He told me presbyopia was adding to my hyperopia now, too”, Harald Stelling says. “So I got myself some varifocals, but they didn’t work for me at all. Moreover, I had to buy another pair of glasses specially for reading, which I had to carry with me all the time, constantly putting them on and off agian in order to at least see something.” When working with the computer, Harald Stelling had to slit his eyes or move away from the monitor to be able to make out the necessary information.Because he soon grew tired of his vision problems, he started looking for alternatives. After a consultation at EuroEyes, he decided for the permanent correction of his visual disorder with multifocal lenses. “Hearing about the removal of one’s natural lens surely sounds intimidating for most people”, Harald Stelling describes the reactions in his environment. “I myself was not afraid at all. The prospect of a life without glasses was all I needed.” After 10 minutes surgery for each eye, everything was done already. The fact that Harald Stelling decided to have both eyes operated in one day demonstrates his confidence in the EuroEyes clinical team. “On the third day after the surgery, I was able work at the computer for eight straight – for the first time completely without glasses!” he reports happily. “It was an awesome feeling, and the perfect confirmation my decision was absolutely right.”Now, the electrical engineer does not have to search his pockets for his reading glasses. “When visiting customes, I can read all the inscriptions on the nameplates of the machines without glasses, and I can even read the small print in the technical documentations”. Harald Stelling’s conclusion: “For me, it was the right decision, 100%!” He adds that one of his friends, an architect, looks at him curiously every time they meet. Mr. Stelling is convinced: “He’ll go to EuroEyes soon!”