While the implantation of trifocal and multifocal lenses  only incurs one-time costs and afterwards the eyesight is restored for life without glasses, the purchase of high-quality varifocal glasses is comparatively high, usually every few years. We explain to you why varifocals are so expensive and why an eye treatment not only creates a lifelong perspective, but also saves considerable costs.


The price for varifocals varies greatly. Depending on whether varifocals are bought online or from an optician, whether they are simple or high-quality lenses, a till frame or a branded frame, varifocals can be priced between 200 and 1,400 euros or more. As a rule, the health insurance company does not cover any costs for varifocals.

In the case of people who work a lot on the screen, the costs for computer glasses of around 150 to 400 euros should actually also be included in this calculation, if these are not covered by the employer, as is the case with self-employed and freelancers.

Additional computer glasses are required because varifocals do not allow optimal viewing on the screen. The reason for this is that the average distance to a computer screen is around 80 cm and this distance is not taken into account in the progressive lenses. This overstrains the eyes and can be permanently damaged. The same applies to sunglasses, which are also required with the appropriate prescription. Here, too, if there is a further change in vision, new glasses are required, which incur additional costs.



Every time the eyesight changes due to age, at least new varifocal lenses are due if the frame is kept. How often new glasses are needed should be determined in the annual eye test by the ophthalmologist or optician. Some need new glasses every year, others only every ten years. Most of them are in between at around three and a half years. Signs of use such as scratches or cracks in the glass or the loss of glasses are often reasons for new varifocals.


The cost of varifocal glasses is made up of several factors:

  • Costs for glasses
  • Frame
  • Services

Costs for varifocal lenses

When it comes to varifocals, you can choose between the three varifocal lens qualities standard, comfort and premium as well as individual lenses, the differences of which have a major impact on the varifocals price.

Standardized glasses mostly come from Asia and are usually available from around 100 euros. However, they are often of poor quality and the progression zone, i.e. the transition from far vision to near vision, is very coarse, which means that the field of vision is restricted by blurred edge areas.

Individually adapted, comfort progressive lenses cost around 300 euros. Here the transitions are much better. With individually adapted premium glasses, which are available from around 400 euros per glass, the progression zone is almost optimally designed and the field of vision is therefore very good. The best varifocal lenses, which are the most expensive at around 600 euros per lens, are custom-made to ensure optimal vision.

The choice of material and extras also play a role. There are lenses for varifocal glasses that, like normal glasses, are made of mineral glass and plastic. With comfort and premium lenses for varifocals, not only the prescription but also the previously determined values ​​such as astigmatism and pupillary distance are taken into account.


Glasses frame costs

When it comes to frames for varifocals, not only personal taste and requirements are important, but also the perfect fit. For this reason, internet bargains often do not do what was hoped for or even lead to problems or unpleasant side effects ((link to “Problems with varifocal glasses” news article – currently still in progress)). The frame must not sit incorrectly, leave pressure marks on the bridge of the nose, or sit too loosely or too tightly behind the ears. An individual adjustment by an optician is therefore essential for a correct fit of the varifocals, which is why you should not save on varifocals price here either.

Many opticians offer cash racks at no extra charge, but these usually leave something to be desired in terms of modernity and individuality. If that doesn’t suit you, you can fall back on a variety of branded models that are available to buy for every taste and at almost any price. A branded glasses frame is available from around 100 euros upwards. If it is something special or unusual, such as a frame from the luxury car brand Porsche, more than 1,000 euros can quickly become due. The mid-range here is between 200 and 500 euros.

Service costs for varifocals

The better and more extensive the advice and the more precise the individual adjustment by the optician, the better the new varifocals will fit. Interpupillary distance, viewing height and angled eyes, as well as an optimal fit, are particularly important for varifocals, as otherwise the areas for near and far vision will be wrong and not only cause headaches and poor vision. Cheap glasses that are only made on the basis of visual acuity and interpupillary distance are not suitable for road use and can lead to deterioration in eyesight. Good advice is therefore very important, but it usually has its price, which is usually between 10 and 15 percent of the price of varifocals for these services.

So how expensive are good varifocals? Assuming comfort lenses and a cheaper branded frame, you can expect an average price of around 700 euros per varifocal glasses.


You usually need your first varifocals around the age of 45. When calculating an average value, one assumes medium-priced varifocals for 700 euros, a change in eyesight every three and a half years and a final age of around 80 years. Normal varifocal glasses therefore cost around 7,000 euros for a lifetime. If you add the sunglass lenses with correction to the costs of the varifocals, you get well over 10,000 euros.


The operative insertion of a trifocal / multifocal lens for presbypopia,  which permanently corrects nearsightedness and farsightedness and thus makes glasses of any kind unnecessary, costs from 3,500 euros per eye at EuroEyes, i.e. from 7,000 euros for both eyes. Expensive varifocals, additional monitor or sunglass lenses are thus superfluous and all the other disadvantages associated with wearing varifocals are eliminated.



Anyone who does not want to use standard glasses produced in Asia in the cheapest way without individual adjustments can save not only the annoying wearing of glasses and possible side effects, but also money: an eye operation costs both eyes just as much as the average varifocals that will be worn for life. In addition, there is the saving by doing without additional sunglasses lenses with prescription correction. This saves you more than a quarter of the total costs and you no longer have to worry about blurring and fields of view. If you choose varifocals with premium or individual lenses, you even save around half the costs.

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