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Which Method Is Right for Me?

For the correction of vision disorders, we offer the full range of treatments within refractive surgery and make it possible for our patients to live a life free from glasses.

Our Solution Is Your Key to Unlocking the Door of Life

Would you like to live without glasses or contact lenses? At EuroEyes we can help you with a laser eye treatment or lens treatment. Which treatment is best for you depends on your vision disorder, diopter values and other medical eye parameters, which are all determined in an eye examination. Our eye specialists will personally advise and examine you in a non-binding consultation.

In the following table you can see which methods we typically use in EuroEyes to correct certain vision disorders.

Laser Eye Treatment

ReLEx smileup to -10 D *noup to 5 D
eeLASIK / Femto-LASIKup to -8 D *up to +3 Dup to 4 D
PRK / LASEK **up to -6 Dnoup to 3 D
1 depending on the corneal diameter

Lens Treatment in Case of a Higher Vision Disorder

Procedure Nearsightedness Farsightedness Astigmastism
Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) *from -8 Dfrom +3 Dup to 6 dpt *D
* patients younger than 40-45 years ** toric ICL

Lens Treatment in Case of Presbyopia

also in combination with other ametropias
Multifocal Lens *all dioptersall dioptersup to 12 D **
* patients older than 40-45 years ** toric Multifocal Lens

Lens Treatment in Case of Cataract

Procedure Nearsightedness Farsightedness Astigmastism
Multifocal Lens (ICL)all dioptersall dioptersup to 12 D *
Monofocal Lensall dioptersall dioptersup to 12 D *
* toric Lens

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Suitability Test

Find out which method is right for you: Simply enter your information into our suitability test and receive a guiding recommendation. Please note that an accurate determination of the appropriate method is only possible with a personal (non-binding) consultation, and a thorough eye exam at one of our clinics – because safety and diagnostics are our top priority.

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